Themes for Childrens Fancy Dress Parties

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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There’s nothing better than a children’s fancy dress party for your child. There’s something about being able to wear clothes they aren’t allowed to wear everyday and having strange smelling gunk smeared all over their faces that children love. Whether it be a “real life” hero or a fictional character, children love to dress up, pretend and let their imaginations run wild. Some of us adults love it too!

With so much available on television and the internet, storytelling has become so easy these days. There’s an ever growing selection of possibilities for children’s fancy dress themes, with various character costumes available. From aliens to fairies and television characters to film characters, the range of fancy dress costumes available is virtually limitless!

We’ve grouped together a few ideas for some of our themes to accompany the fancy dress costume your child chooses.

Under a table, preferably lengthened, use some string and create a “Spiderman Web” that they can have fun trying to work their way through. For the smaller children’s fancy dress party, a convincing batmobile can be made using cardboard, black paint, Clingfilm and other things found around the home. If possible, bring a couple of large mattresses and a lot of pillows and have a “flying area” with something they can jump off and be perfectly safe when landing. 

Get a small bundle of hay (the kind intended or bunnies and guinea-pigs) and use a few chairs or bits of wood (be sure to check for splinters) to create “barn” or “field” your little beasts can romp in at your children’s fancy dress party. Instead of bobbing for the apple, bob for the carrot! Have a “horn, tail and ear” making session with coloured paper, child-safe scissors and sellotape.

Glow in the dark paint and pens can be bought for not very much in a lot of pound shops and the like. Make posters that you can stick up on your walls without damaging them, and making the turning of the lights off for the bringing out of the cake the most memorable moment it can be. As long as the kids aren’t young enough to try and eat it, funny putty (placed wisely) can be used to create a lovely glutinous alien ambience. Covering the usual lamp or lamps with blue and/or green see through cloth can add to the outer space ambiance. If you do do that with the lamps, ripping long strips of crepe paper and dangling them in strategic clumps gives an awesomely eerie addition to the children’s fancy dress party.

Foam swords are a must have for this particular children’s fancy dress theme. Fun and safe, (under supervison of course) it really gets them into the swashbuckling ambience.”Gold Coins” that just happen to have chocolate in them are also always a winner, especially in a treasure hunt, or if you’d rather them be more evenly distributed, hand them out at the end of the party to “pay ye for your sailing skills on the voyage, aaarr”. If you have somewhere suitable, a “boat building” workshop can be fun, wood planks (again, check for splinters) or something for older kids and cushions for the younger ones, for example.

A convincing cave can be made under a large table, with a much larger cloth draped over it and open on one side. Swords and shields can be made from cardboard and tin foil and placed in strategic positions to add to the ambience. Green and purple crepe paper can again be clumped cleverly to add to the fantasy feel of the party room.

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