The History of Bridesmaids Gifts

Published: 05th July 2010
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There are many traditions that surround weddings, some ancient and some not so. Some are created by superstition and some manufactured by wedding companies in order to capitalise on one of the most important days in a couple's life.

Bridesmaids fall into the first category, traditionally the function of bridesmaids was to keep the bride safe and ward off evil spirits on the wedding day itself. Typically dressed in a similar way to the bride, in olden times bridesmaids acted as decoys to confuse lurking spirits and keep them away from the bride.

More recently there has been the tradition of giving gifts to the bridesmaids to thank them for looking after the bride, attending the wedding and the help and support that they have provided. Traditionally these are gifts that the bridesmaid can keep to remind them of the day and cherish for the rest of their lives.

There are a number of different types of gifts that are given to bridesmaids to remind them of the special day. Some brides choose to buy something that their bridesmaids can wear on the day, such as personalised jewellery that matches their dresses and some choose to buy a gift that suits each individual bridesmaid.

If you like the idea of choosing a piece of personalised jewellery that can be worn on your wedding day the most popular choices are engraved bracelets or engraved necklaces. Sticking to a simple design will ensure that the personalised jewellery that you choose will suit all of your bridesmaids and can be worn after the big day. Engraved bracelets and engraved necklaces with a love theme are often a perfect choice, for example necklaces with silver hearts and bracelets with heart charms. Some people choose to engrave their names and their wedding dates on the jewellery and some choose to engrave a message that is more personal to each individual bridesmaid.

If you want to take your bridesmaids gift to the next level and make it truly personal choose each bridesmaid something different. For example most women have a favourite colour and whilst this may not match your wedding colour theme by purchasing a piece of personalised jewellery in a colour that your bridesmaid will love will mean that she will wear the item more often. Combine this with an engraved message that is personal and different for each bridesmaid and you will have created the ultimate token of gratitude, affection and above all a token that will be adored.

At Atelier de Famille we know how much meaning personalised jewellery can have which is why we produce every piece of jewellery by hand, with love, care and enthusiasm. Based in a small workshop just outside of Paris our creations are built with feeling making them the natural choice for your bridesmaid's gifts.

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